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  • sailing world record for the Esimit Sailing Team


    Breaking the record: Monaco to Porto Cervo in 10 hours, 13 minutes and 42 seconds

    What a season for our Esimit Sailing Team. 18 excellent sailors, 1 highly advanced yacht and 1 sailing world record attempt! 

  • Monaco_PortoCervo Speed Record Map


    Esimit Europa 2 chasing the world sailing record

    The Esimit Sailing Team with its unique message “All Europeans together on the same boat” is facing a busy schedule in the upcoming weeks. Recent results prove that the crew, led by German skipper Jochen Schümann, is in excellent shape.

  • Esimit Sailing Team receiving trophy for taking line honours


    Esimit Europa 2 receiving line honours trophy at the Palermo – Monte Carlo regatta!

    At the official prize-giving ceremony at the Yacht Club de Monaco in Monte Carlo, the Esimit Sailing Team received the prize for the victory in the Palermo – Monte Carlo regatta.

  • Celebrating line honours at Palermo Monte Carlo regatta


    Incredible finish for the Esimit Sailing Team at the Palermo – Monte Carlo regatta

    Igor Simčič, founder of the Esimit Europa project: “I have to congratulate the team for their hard work, earning line honours at this race. What I have seen from the crew members during this long and exhaustive race truly impressed me.”  

  • Race picture


    Race update: Esimit Europa 2 currently sailing close to the Italian coast

    Second day of the Palermo  – Monte Carlo regatta! Under the burning sun in the Tyrrhenian sea Esimit Europa 2 is currently sailing close to the Italian coast. Doing 11,30 knots at 16:50 CEST with a distance of 310 nautical miles to Monte Carlo. Keep your fingers crossed for the Esimit Sailing Team!

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    Inside Palermo

    Located on the ever-popular island of Sicily, Palermo lies on the north-westerly coast and boasts a particularly large and important natural port, next to the Monte Pellegrino. With typical Mediterranean character and plenty of coastal appeal, Palermo dates back as far as the 8th century and is today known for many different things, such as its endless Norman buildings, magnificent palaces and lively local markets. Inside Palermo  

  • Esimit Europa 2 at the start in Palermo, Italy


    Start of the Palermo – Monte Carlo offshore race!

    Extremely light winds expected for the entire course of the race – Excellent Russian sailor Anton Sergeev joined Esimit Sailing Team for the first time in this season    

  • Dock out of Esimit Europa 2!


    Dock out! Getting ready for the start of the race!

    The offshore race of the Palermo – Monte Carlo regatta will start at 12:00 CEST!

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    Live tracking of the Palermo – Monte Carlo regatta starting August 18th at 12:00 CEST

    500 nautical miles between Palermo (Italy) and Monte Carlo are ahead of Esimit Europa 2 and the Esimit Sailing Team. Extremely light winds are predicted for the 8th edition of that race. Follow the Esimit Europa 2 live at http://yb.tl/P2MC2012.  

  • US_Palermo_thumb2


    Fabrizio Miccoli from US Palermo onboard Esimit Europa 2

    Sailing meets soccer. Before the start of the Palermo – Monte Carlo regatta, Fabrizio Miccoli from the Italian soccer club US Palermo had a chance to have a closer look atone of the world’s fastest yachts. Before getting onboard, the team’s flags of the sports teams were exchanged. Fabrizio Miccoli onboard Esimit Europa 2