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Medot Sailing Trophy: In record time from Trieste to Valletta

A challenge that is not only joining two cities and two yacht clubs, but also two renowned regattas. Esimit Europa 2 will set its sails, aiming to establish the benchmark for the passage record Trieste to Valletta and the Medot Sailing Trophy – presented to any monohull breaking the established record in the period between Barcolana and the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

Having such a successful season under its wing, the Esimit Sailing Team, led by legendary German skipper Jochen Schümann, is in perfect shape to set a new milestone. The passage record from Trieste to Valletta and the Medot Sailing Trophy are the new challenges for the sailing world.

Esimit Europa 2, one of the world’s fastest yachts, will set it sails, aiming to establish the benchmark for the approximately 700 nautical miles long passage between Trieste (Italy) and Valletta (Malta) – open to all classes and recognized by the World Sailing Speed Record Council. For initiator Igor Simčič, that’s the new challenge after the record breaking season and a new big test for the crew: “Esimit Europa 2 is, like many other boats, taking part at the Barcolana and gets on it’s way to Valletta immediately after the finish to compete at the Rolex Middle Sea Race. With the initiation of this world sailing record, we want to inspire other yachts to take part in connecting the two regattas.”

For monohulls breaking the passage record from Trieste to Valletta, a very special trophy has been created. The Medot Sailing Trophy, named by the sparkling wine produced by Igor Simčič’s family. But not all challengers are going to be presented with this unique award: “The world sailing record has to be broken by monohulls in the time frame between the Barcolana and the Rolex Middle Sea Race”, explains Igor Simčič, founder of the Esimit Europa project.

Initiated by Esimit Europa, this new project could not have been realized without the organizational help of the “Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano” as well as the “Royal Malta Yacht Club”. Connecting the cities of Trieste and Valletta as well as the races Barcolana and Rolex Middle Sea Race, the Medot Sailing Trophy will be revealed during this year’s Barcolana and presented in Valletta.

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